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Electrical and avionic practices

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The course

More and more frequently in aircraft maintenance it is becoming necessary to work with avionics, connectors, wiring, electrical measurements, etc. There is therefore a need to increase one’s familiarity with basic practices in order to work with these components. In most cases, we have learned some in the field, from senior colleagues, but in a disorderly and incomplete way. This course is primarily for B1 aircraft technicians and provides the practical foundation generally provided for in electrical standard practices. This course has been designed to be very practical, but also covers all the topics required by EWIS training.

At the end of the course, I will:

  • Be able to perform maintenance on connectors, splices, pins etc.

  • be able to use the correct tools such as crimping, soldering, extractors etc.

  • be able to use the meter for the various measurements in a correct manner (troubleshooting, bonding, insulation etc.).

  • Know how to interpret a wiring diagram

  • be able to perform the proper installation of the wire bundles (clamps, ligatures, etc.).

  • be able to inspect and identify, and therefore prevent, possible damage due to incorrect wiring assemblies.

The course has been specially designed for:

B1 certifying staff, mechanics, supervisors.

Key points of the course:

  • The wiring diagram

  • Tools and techniques for measuring

  • Crimp, solder, disassemble and assemble the connectors

  • The electrical wiring, slurs, clamping, splices

  • Inspect wiring and connectors

  • The electric troubleshooting

  • Working in safety

Course format

  • Slides, practical exercises, laboratory

  • Duration 3 days.

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